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Front-end Development

I’ve always had a geeky passion for code ever since I developed my first website back in 2001. I develop sites in HTML5 and CSS3, sometimes from scratch and other times using a framework like foundation (which this site is built on!). I’ve also have a fair bit of programming experience in javascript and worked with the javascript library jQuery.

Back-end Development

I love the creative aspect of designing a website, but I also enjoy the back-end programming. PHP is my preferred programming language for developing sites and I use MySQL for building databases. Over the years I’ve programmed many applications from content management systems to e-commerce sites.


I’ve worked on building e-commerce sites from the ground up, producing both the front-end design and the back-end code and database. I also have experience in developing and integrating online payment systems, management interfaces for processing customer orders and analytics packages for tracking traffic and sales.