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My Inspiration

I live in Glasgow and find it’s a city full of inspiration and design. From shop fronts and billboards to architecture and arts there is always something to inspire. I’m influenced by apple and their minimalist design style; I love clean lines, white space and beautiful typography. I also love to follow the latest design trends and talented designers on dribbble, their work never fails to impress.

Design Process

I like to start my designs by scribbling ideas in a big notebook, once I’ve come up with a few concepts I’ll jump straight into my text editor and start typing out some code. I find by skipping photoshop and working directly with the code I get a much better idea early on if the design will work or whether I’ll need to try a different approach.

Fully Responsive

All my websites are designed to be fully responsive. I design using a fluid grid which allows my designs to look good and function well across a multitude of devices from wide screen monitors to mobile phones. I also test my sites on a variety of different web browsers and devices to ensure a consistently good experience no matter how a user chooses to view the site.


All of my designs are hand coded; I don’t use templates or WYSIWYG design editors. I like to understand each line of code that makes up a project, so I can produce the best designs possible, with as little code as possible. It is this understanding and attention to detail that makes the difference between just another website and a website that stands out from the crowd.